Dario Villalba. "Faces" series, 1976.

Dario Villalba. "Faces" series, 1976.

Darío Villalba and Ángela García Codoñer featured in the exhibition "Pop and other figurations. 1960-70's" at the Guillermo de Osma's gallery.

May 10, 2024

Several works by Darío Villalba, from Freijo Gallery's stock, and Ángela García Codoñer, a collaborating artist of the gallery, are part of the current exhibition at the Guillermo de Osma's gallery, "Pop and other figurations. 1960-70's". 

The exhibition reflects on the different figurations that took place in this historical period, creating the new contemporaneity through proposals as diverse as new figuration, pop, conceptual, social chronicle, social realism, everyday realities, magical realism, hyperrealism...

On view until the 28th of June 2024.