Article by Estrella de Diego, published in Babelia, El País | Concha Jerez in the EL PAÍS booth at ARCOmadrid 2022

February 19, 2022

Today in the Babelia section of El País, an article has been published, written by Estrella de Diego, about Concha Jerez's project for the EL PAÍS booth at ARCOmadrid.

Concha Jerez will occupy the space with Menú(s) del día, an installation that recreates a cinema in which various stories are projected. On the sides, she has placed videos of news items from the press, which the artist reads and collects. Television screens project banal images - betting, teleshopping, child exploitation programmes camouflaged as TV contests, heart programmes; instagrammers, tiktokers, YouTubers... For the first time, the artist talks about social networks, governed by censorship despite their appearance as a place without filters.

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