Article about the exhibition of Maribel Domènech | ABC Cultural

January 14, 2023

Today (Saturday, January 14) an article has been published about Maribel Domènech's exhibition Acción continua at Freijo Gallery. Written by art critic Nerea Ubieto and titled "The unbearable lightness of being a woman" the article highlights: "With 35 years of career, Maribel Domènech has always counted herself from her center, looking around and allowing the world to penetrate her entrails to return a committed and feminist gaze. The evolution has been coherent and unafraid to incorporate formal shifts (...) In general the show responds to the fragile balance between binomials (weight/slightness, strength/vulnerability, person/community) emphasized at the end of the journey (...) Freijo Gallery offers a good bite of Domènech's magnificent individual at the Centro del Carmen in 2020, clouded by the pandemic."

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