Marcelo Brodsky, "Abrir los puentes (Simón Bolívar", 2019.

Marcelo Brodsky, "Abrir los puentes (Simón Bolívar", 2019.

Antonio Caro and Marcelo Brodsky in "Juntos Aparte", exhibition at the National Museum of Colombia

July 22, 2021

The work of the artists Marcelo Brodsky and Antonio Caro is included in the exhibition Juntos Aparte at the Museo Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá. The opening took place on July 15 and it will be open to the public until September 12, 2021.

"It is a story about the migratory crisis, both Venezuelan and global, which is part of a project that has been touring different cities around the world in 21 countries since 2017. It is a large network that is committed to dialogue and trust between peoples through contemporary art," commented Juliana Restrepo, director of the National Museum.

"Juntos Aparte" exhibition

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