Easter Holidays by appointment | Exhibitions in 3D | Freijo Gallery

March 27, 2021

On-site exhibitions: BY APPOINTMENT only
From March 28th to April 5th, on the occasion of the Easter Holidays.
T.: +34 637 60 81 89

Current exhibitions:
· The personal is political, art made by Latin American women
Helen Escobedo | Ana Sacerdote | Marisol Escobar | Magdalena Jitrik | Elvira Gascón | Marianne Gast | Yani Pecanins | Teresa Serrano | Gina Arizpe | María María Acha-Kutscher | Lucía Madriz | Ángela Bonadies | Glenda Zapata
· Latin American Metaphors [two]
Artists: Vik Muniz | Ángela Bonadies & Juan José Olavarría | Luis Tomasello | Arthur Luiz Piza | Gabriel Acevedo Velarde | Germán Cueto | Miguel Ángel Ríos | Meyer Vaisman | Alfredo Castañeda | Joaquín Torres García | José Antonio Hernández-Diez | Carlos Mérida | Vicente Rojo

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Fun facts about our artists:
· A year ago at ZONA MACO...
Our artist Gina Arizpe received the first prize Tequila 1800 Colección, in the framework of the Mexican art fair ZONA MACO 2020, for her Names and Coordinates series. Her new drawings, part of this series, are currently on view at Freijo Gallery. 
· Coming soon to the Andy Warhol Museum...
On October 14th, 2021, the opening of the exhibition Marisol and Warhol Take New York will take place at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, U.S.A. We are currently showing at Freijo Gallery the work Erotic Drawing, made in 1963 by Marisol Escobar.