"Art, networks and net weavers" by Maribel Donmènech and Susana Guerrero at Santa Pola's Museo del Mar

July 13, 2023

Within the framework of the exhibition, "Memoria D'un Espai Propi. Art Contemporani de la Generalitat Valenciana", promoted by the director of the Consorci de Museus and great connoisseur of the Valencian contemporary art scene, José Luis Pérez Pont, a participative workshop will be held by the artists Maribel Domènech and Susana Guerrero together with the net weavers of Santa Pola. 

Thanks to the donation made by the Santa Pola company Tambores, a variety of nets and materials linked to fishing will be used in a collective installation on 20 July at the Museo Del Mar of Santa Pola, between 19h and 21h in the Patio de Armas Castillo Fortaleza. 

In relation to the exhibition within which this workshop is framed, Perez Pont has highlighted the "generational and territorial diversity, gender equality and the thematic richness" that characterizes this exhibition, which proposes a reflection on the role played by everyday spaces in the creation of identity, through a selection of works that form part of the programme of contemporary art acquisitions initiated in 2017 by the Generalitat Valenciana.

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