Interview with Raquel Manchado in Cáñamo Journal | Archive of Illustrated Misogyny

April 2, 2022

Cáñamo Journal has published an interview with the artist Raquel Manchado, about her Archive of Illustrated Misogyny.

In the interview, entitled " And what are you laughing at? An archive full of fat women, vipers, spinsters, old women, drunk women, and henpecked men", the artist comments "[the archive] is made up of 1,000 postcards that trace a journey through misogyny, hetero-norm and symbolic violence in popular culture. There are the gagged women, the midwives, the strangled mothers-in-law and the vipers, the fat women, the jokes about feminicide or rape culture, the spinsters and, of course, the henpecked men. The archive is the basis of my work, from it emerge my publications with Antorcha Ediciones, my performative talks and conferences and other graphic artefacts about the reappropriation of the insult and historical memory".

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