ONE HUNDRED, by José Iges, wins 2nd prize in the 60 sec Radio competition

June 17, 2020

The work ONE HUNDRED, by José Iges, has won the Second Prize in the 60 sec Radio competition.

"It arises from a gesture of writing repeated a hundred times on a computer document: the word One. After the last one I added Hundred. When I printed the result I realized that one hundred times one is something that can easily be moved to a sound piece, provided you have the patience to collect or record ninety-nine different voices saying One. The one that says One Hundred is the person to whom the work is dedicated: the performer and poet Yolanda Perez Herreras. Consistent with that, sound actionism has also been present at different levels in the sampling and in the result." José Iges

«One word, sometimes two can mark a minute and tickle the clock». Boris Chassagne

«This masterful composition interweaves rhythm and sound in a most refreshing manner». Paul Charpentier

«Secret from unknown times». Simon Elmaleh

«José Iges imposes his great mastery of acoustic writing. It rests at the same time on the force of a concept and the care brought to its sound incarnation». Marc Jacquin

«One Hundred imposes its presence like a sonic monument; its rhythm builds, second by second and step by step, the tribute it offers, while at the same time offering to the listener the interest of a gradual approach, an added spatial sensation of walking towards the statue as it is being erected». Zoé Paquin-Gagnon.

Listen to the winning piece in SoundCloud