Opening of 'Memoria D'un Espai Propi. Contemporary Art of the Generalitat Valenciana' at the Museo Del Mar in Santa Pola

July 4, 2023

Since 2017, the Generalitat Valenciana has acquired more than a hundred works of art, without generational guidelines or thematic restrictions, which deal with issues of our closest society. Through this initiative, it has supported the careers of numerous artists born or residing in the Valencian Community, with a balance between men and women, who are being included in the process of generating a memory, archiving and ordering the works, both at the level of museum conservation and on paper, through publications that document the progress of the collection. Through the Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana, a continuous exhibition activity has been developed, articulated in travelling exhibitions throughout the Comunitat.

Space, house and memory are the concepts around which the works in this exhibition are articulated. The most everyday space and the house as determining elements in the configuration of identity, a refuge as well as a projection, and therefore a substratum of the memory that is constructed with the gaze. The exhibition brings together works by artists from different generations and with different technical and stylistic approaches, generating a multifaceted vision of our identity as individuals and as a society. 

Maribel Domènech's work will be featured among other artists such as Alejandro Casanova, Alejandro Mañas, Amanda Moreno, Carolina Ferrer, Elena Martí, Jorge Perís, Nuria Riaza, Paloma Navares, Susana Guerrero and Teresa Cebrián.

The opening will take place next Friday 7th July at 20h at the Museo del Mar in Santa Pola.

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