Los Torreznos: El Arte | Teatro del Barrio | May 22

May 18, 2021

In parallel to our exhibition Words and Things ["The Order of Things"], on Saturday 22nd May at 1.00 pm, Los Torreznos will perform their piece El Arte at El Teatro del Barrio in Lavapiés, Madrid.

Los Torreznos' pieces in the performative field have always tried to develop communicative solutions that work in relation to everyday life. For them it is very important that contemporary art is not reduced to cryptic elements that can only be understood by people close to this field. Their art practices in general (La cultura, El dinero, La economía, El desierto, etc.) work in that direction.
In this case, Los Torreznos directly confront the very theme of "Art" insofar as, in their own lives, they have moved in this territory.
They do not intend to tell its history, but rather to take advantage of their trajectory to construct an investigation into contemporary art as an experience. 

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