Los Torreznos' “La Gente” at Teatro del Barrio 19th January and 23rd of March.

January 19, 2024

Today 19th January at 19:30 "La Gente" by Los Torreznos will be performed at the Teatro del Barrio. Their performative play can also be seen on the 23rd March at 22:15.

This piece is intended as a performance work with performative overtones sprinkled with humour that investigates in:

Representing people seems to be the goal of political parties, not artists. But, in reality, politicians want people to represent them, people to look like them. That's why they become actors. Bad actors.

Think of people as an abstract, alien entity or as a collective entity to which we belong? Understanding people as a homogeneous mass is a serious mistake. Is it possible to talk, work, communicate with groups of people from different social strata? What kind of connection do we establish with them?

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