Jesús Ubera, "Athen KID", 2022

Jesús Ubera, "Athen KID", 2022

Presentation of the new audiovisual piece by Jesús Ubera and interview with the artist | Neo2 Magazine

June 7, 2022

Jesús Ubera presents a new audiovisual piece, entitled Athen Kid, about the Spanish non-binary generation.
The video, as well as an interview with the artist, is presented in Neo2 Magazine.
To make this unique portrait of the 21st century youth, Jesús Ubera has been inspired by an English poem by Emily Dickinson dedicated to a young Athenian. A free interpretation entitled Athen Kid starring Enrico di Amore in the tunnels of the Plaza de los Cubos, one of the most emblematic spaces in Madrid, linked to both club and film culture.

Credits of the audiovisual piece: 
Director: Jesús Ubera / Protagonist and wardrobe: Enrico di Amore / Make-up: Guillermo Décimo / Assistant Director: Juan Francisco Calero Hueso / Music: Da Rocha / Production: Judith Vázquez / Interview: Ramón Fano 

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