Presentation of the CAAMSonora discography, which includes "Itineraries", by José Iges

January 19, 2021

Today, January 10th, at 7.00 pm, the CAAM is hosting the presentation of the discography that brings together the results of the sound actions created by the artists José Iges, Manolo Rodríguez and Edu Comelles. These pieces were presented to the public at this art centre as part of the 'CAAMSonora' event, in its 2018 and 2019 editions. 

Our artist José Iges presented a sound action at the CAAM in April 2018 based on his CD 'Dedicatorias' (Maria de Alvear World edition 0027), which included a series of 60 one-minute works created between 2003 and 2015. For the first time, José Iges presents a CD entitled 'Itinerarios' (Itineraries), an exclusive work for 'CAAMSonora', which includes pieces that represent some of his artistic and compositional journeys.

Free admission, prior registration.

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