Opening of the exhibition "R de Resistencia" by Ramón Mateos | Sala el Brocense, Cáceres

October 19, 2022

The exhibition R de Resistencia by Ramón Mateos will be inaugurated next Thursday, October 20 at 8:30 p.m. at the Sala el Brocense in C/ San Antón 17 in Cáceres.

It seems that nowadays, the reality-time binomial that we live as present insists on showing us that it is not necessary to understand quantum mechanics to know what a wormhole is, which means that space, and especially time, can be folded on itself. We are constantly confronted with this.

The situation of migrants without legalized asylum status has turned them into refugees, displaced persons with hardly any legal rights, lost in the limbo of international law, prisoners of their own condition and with no ability to change it.

Primo Levi, imprisoned and tortured in Auschwitz, would say years later: "Yes, when I was liberated, what dominated was the shame of being a man [...] This does not mean that the executioners and the victims are the same". In his Abecedarium videographique, Gilles Deleuze responds to Claire Parnet: "I believe that at the origin of art we find this idea, or this very vivid feeling of a certain shame of being a man, which makes art consist in liberating the life that man has imprisoned. Man does not stop imprisoning life, he does not stop killing life. The shame of being a man: the artist is the one who liberates a life, a powerful life, a life that is more than personal, that is not life itself".