Concha Jerez | Interview in Canarias de las Ciencias y las Letras | Exhibition in Stuttgart

June 16, 2021

An interview with our artist Concha Jerez has been published in Canarias de las Ciencias y las Letras, a detailed tour through the different facets of the multidisciplinary artist's career, from the more academic or educational sphere to her creation of site-specific installations or her contribution to electronic and Conceptual art.

Concha Jerez's work is currently part of the group exhibition entitled Conceptual Reflexions (2) at Brigitte March International Contemporary Art (Stuttgart, Germany). Her work is exhibited alongside that of artists such as Joseph Beuys, Siegfried Cremer, Gloria Friedmann and Morgan O'Hara. This exhibition will be open until June 30, 2021.

Interview with Concha Jerez | Canarias de las Ciencias y las Letras

"Conceptual Reflexinos (2)" exhibition