Paco de Blas (left) and Fernando Castro Flórez (right).

Paco de Blas (left) and Fernando Castro Flórez (right).

Paco de Blas interviews Fernando Castro Flórez in ArteInformado

July 15, 2020

I've analyzed the list of honorees and that list is a drama. It also falls within a series of measures taken to ensure that art doesn't disappear after the pandemic and that what was no longer of interest to almost anyone is recovered, and you realise that it's done in such a tortious and badly organised way, including helping galleries, artists, friends... When you see what's on there, well, a work by Gordillo is bought from a gallery that doesn't represent him. And at the same time there are galleries that are doing work of great merit from which nothing is bought. Then a piece by an artist measuring 60X80 centimetres is bought for more than 10,000 euros. All of them will be part of the collection of the Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo. But, let's see, this is nonesense. Wouldn't it be better to study calmly what can be contributed to the sector, to calmly gather the most representative agents of the sector, instead of making that purchasing committee that looks like a begging commission to feed the poor?  

Fernando Castro Flórez 

Paco de Blas' interview with Fernando Castro Flórez in Arteinformado