Group exhibition of Marisa González in Chile | MAC Parque Forestal

January 12, 2023

On view until January 21, the exhibition Crisis. Cuerpo íntimo y Cuerpo social en resistencia at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Santiago de Chile)

Crisis. Cuerpo íntimo y Cuerpo social en resistencia, is curated by Inés Ortega - Márquez and Margarita Aizpuru and brings together the work of three Chilean artists and three Spanish artists: Santiago Cancino (CL), Marisa González (ES), Mara León (ES), Fernanda López Quilodrán (CL), N3T0 (Ricardo) Lagos Miranda (CL), Max Nitrofoska (ES). In their works, the artists show the concept of crisis through two lines of reflection: the physical body and the social body. Crossed by worldwide protests and the pandemic, the works reveal tensions, fears, and also the vindictive impulse of protection  that move humanity. The exhibition includes poetic works, activist operations, conceptual and autobiographical developments.