Weaving feminist networks with Maribel Domènech

May 23, 2024

Weaving feminist networks, a conference with Maribel Domènech and Clara Albacete as part of the seminar  "Qué pintan las mujeres" .

In 1971, Linda Nochlin, an art historian at New York University, asked herself why there have been no great women artists. Questioning this issue opened up Pandora's box and gave rise to new questions that challenged the analyses, values and postulates traditionally accepted in the history of art. It was also the first step in art historical research on women artists.

Fifty years after Linda Nochlin's essay, we are still asking ourselves what has happened to women artists in art history? Where are they in the textbooks? Why they do not appear in school textbooks. How can we explain the fact that in the syllabuses there are barely one or two references to illustrious female painters, compared to 99.9 percent of male artists. 

The different sessions of the seminar will analyse the answers of feminist theory to some of these questions. We will also explore the reformulation and expansion of new perspectives to rethink the history of art from other points of view, other spaces and other subjectivities, which have influenced the very definition of art and the established canon throughout history.

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