Mateo Maté, "Landscape Europe 2020", 2020

Mateo Maté, "Landscape Europe 2020", 2020

Mateo Maté. Landscape Europe 2020-2021 | Weserburg. Museum für moderne Kunst

August 24, 2021

Between August 27th and October 3rd, the installation Landscape Europe 2020-21 by the artist Mateo Maté will be presented at the Weserburg Museum, commissioned by the Instituto Cervantes Bremen. It is a work especially created for the Weserburg Museum and a gift donation.

In this work, a toy model train continuously and almost defiantly travels through a landscape made up of European daily newspapers. A camera on the locomotive records the journey, while a projection on the neighboring wall reproduces the image in real time: headlines appear briefly yet not really comprehensively. The world's news roll by and blur into a nightmarish, strangely placeless and unchanging landscape, linking memories of childhood toys with the experience of a camera-observed present day and a world threatened by fake news or fragile unions of nations.

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