Marcelo Brodsky at Freijo Gallery 2021

Marcelo Brodsky at Freijo Gallery 2021

Marcelo Brodsky selected for Fotonoviembre

October 18, 2023

Marcelo Brodsky's work Resistencia Poética has been selected for the Fotonoviembre competition held at the TEA in Tenerife and directed by curator Violeta Janeiro. 

Marcelo Brodsky (Buenos Aires, 1954) is an artist and human rights activist. Situated on the borders of  installation, performance, photography, monument and memorial, his works combine text and image. Buena Memoria, one of his works, has been exhibited more than 250 times individually or in groups, in whole or in part, in public spaces and institutions around the world. In 2008 Brodsky received the Human Rights Award from Bnai Brith Argentina and in 2014 he received the Jean Mayer Award from the Tufts University Global Leadership Institute. In 2014 he founded Visual Action/Acción Visual, an organisation dedicated to incorporating visual culture into human rights campaigns and working on visual education. Resistencia Poética  brings together a body of work that offers a journey through different stages of his career and includes series such as La Clase, Buena Memoria, 1968 el Fuego de las Ideas, Africa fighting for freedom, Resistance to Apartheid in South Africa and Traces of Violence.

Fotonoviembre is a project based, initially, on the study, discussion and dissemination of photography, having incorporated over the years other fundamental manifestations to understand our society as a visual culture. Consolidated throughout its trajectory by the quality, rigour and participation of a large number of artists and institutions, Fotonoviembre tries to take the pulse of contemporary photography and the relationship that different disciplines establish with it. The biennial begins in November 2023 and will run until January 2024.