Cortinaje. 1984. 269 x 180 cm.

Cortinaje. 1984. 269 x 180 cm.

Silencio. 2016. Site specific. 100 x 480 cm.

Silencio. 2016. Site specific. 100 x 480 cm.

Debate, 1996. 27 x 27 x 39 cm.

Debate, 1996. 27 x 27 x 39 cm.

Fragile Silence.

Bartolomé Ferrando

from febrero 5, 2016 to marzo 19, 2016

OPENING WITH PERFORMANCES: Bartolomé Ferrando & colectivo ALBASTRU (Mario Montoya / Maria Tamarit / Lorena Izquierdo /Isabel G. Mondragón / Yolanda Franco)[1]

FRAGILE SILENCE is a solo exhibition by author Bartolome Ferrando in which his latest piece, created in 2016 as a site specific work, is executed with broken glass in which he pays homage to Eugen Gomringer[2], the author of the term concrete poetry.
Eugen Gomringer and Bartolome Ferrando, two of the most important representatives of experimental poetry in Europe, in June 2011 at the Cervantes Institute in Berlin (Germany) met for a poetic speech: "Concrete and visual poetry of the twentieth century to today". Moderated by Friedrich W. Block. It was a talk about their careers and their work.
With this exhibition we will journey through Ferrando’s work, showing original scale models from TEXTO POETICO, object-poems from the 80´s to date.
This exhibition puts emphasis on the written and spoken word as the fundamental theme in his performing and plastic works

POETIC (fragment)

*Sometimes I do gymnastics with the words:

I stretch them,

I make them jump or bend themselves; in others, I

change their speed: I turn slow words into

fast and conversely, give use to endless variations..

The result is a bottling or a high fluidity. In this way

the objects rest or keep moving frantically.

Almost nothing

stays in place. We show and prove an

arrhythmic, asymmetric blink.

*I think words: round, elastic,

angular, spiky words. With my thoughts I

caress the words.  Thoughts of colors paint the words.

Words that give shade to others

shrunken into the folds and corners of thought.

Words that circle the thought, swaying adrift

or remaining sitting high atop a mound.

Woven. Scraps of speech.

*Sometimes I look at things through words, and if

these ferment and decompose, it goes with the territory.

The outcome is unforseeable: objects melt and

allow language to be part of them, or

the other way round. In this way all things potentially harbour

 individual transformation, its permanent

change. Then it is necessary to re-build the coherence

of thought and speech. It is at that moment, in that situation, when I notice

creative possibilities expand, multiply, run wild.

Bartolomé Ferrando  (Translate: William Berry)

Exhibition Catalog

[1] The Colectivo Albastru is an action art group created in Valencia in 2014. The group maintains the A B and C of a performance: energy, space and time.  The group moves away from the narrative and the performance, using the everyday object in an unusual manner creating multiple poetic images, opening the work to varied interpretations.

[2] Between 1954 and 1957 Gomringer worked as Max Bill’s secretary at Ulm School of Design. In 1953 he funded with Dieter Roth and Marcel Wyss the magazine Spirale (snail). From 1960 to 1965 he started a series of poetic books denominated: Poesia Concreta Heraus.