Words and Things ["The Order of Things"]
Words and Things ["The Order of Things"]
Words and Things ["The Order of Things"]
Words and Things ["The Order of Things"]
Words and Things ["The Order of Things"]
Words and Things ["The Order of Things"]

Words and Things ["The Order of Things"]

Los Torreznos

from April 24, 2021 to June 1, 2021

Wandering between words and things. 

Between words and things... Art is conceived as a space for revaluation of one's own daily life. Sometimes superficially, sometimes deeply.

Between words and things... Philosophy is constituted as that chisel that polishes meaning. Semantics, semiotics and periscopes, in this case, by Michel Foucault.

Between words and things... Politics focuses on this capitalist society that has been building for more than a hundred years an environment where owning and accumulating are part of the democratic mirage of Western societies.

Between words and things... The pandemic eliminates contact, do not touch! It defines the salubrious distance and the necessary disinfection so that the invisible virus no longer stains our reality. To stay away from the other so that the disease does not come closer.

Our project is located in this wandering, in this game of distances. In the midst of so much absence, the voice, the reproduced, recorded voice, is in tune with our deferred reality. In this exhibition, naming things makes them present and, paradoxically, in the journey itself, it allows us to open something more of the present to ourselves.


Wandering between words and things
Looking for things to name  
Trying to name them all
Sensing that they are not as many as they seem to be

Looking for words to name things
Words attached to their things 
Sometimes like labels
Other times like drifting beacons

Calling things by their name is a round-trip journey
And back to the beginning as many times as it takes
An endless circle where things lose their contours
To merge in that word that names them all.

Things and more things 
One after the other without order or concert  
One does not add to the other
Rather, they annihilate each other

Less and less things
Getting rid of everything
Throwing it out of the window
Also against the window
And beyond, embracing nothingness 

In the end there are always a few things left
Neither representative nor special
They are the things that were here
Stored, hidden.

Every place has its things.
Here there are always things.
Loaded with words
The effort unites them in an uncertain time
It makes them present
The enthusiastic word will keep them alert

Los Torreznos, March 2021

Click here to listen to the sound work "Without Things", located in the storage room. Duration: 3'23''. Edition of 3

Click here to listen to the sound work "Foucault's Words and Things: las Meninas". Duration: 10'58''. Edition of 3

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