September 10, 2020

The 3D visits of our exhibitions, Check to the Queen, by Laura Torrado, and Latin American Metaphors, are already available on Artland. Don't miss them!


"It's never late if the artist is good" | El País | Concha Jerez at MNCARS

September 8, 2020

El País dedicates an article to those female figures rescued from oblivion by museums around the world, artists whose contributions had been scorned by the patriarchal narrative of art; among them, Concha Jerez, a pioneer of conceptual art in Spain, who is currently holding her first retrospective, entitled Our Memory is...


José Iges | Finalist in the Radio Art category of the Phonurgia Nova 2020 Awards

September 5, 2020

José Iges' work IMMOBILE JOURNEY has been finalist in the Radio Art category of the Phonurgia Nova 2020 Awards. It has been chosen among 305 productions received from 30 countries. This sound work is part of our exhibition So far, so close at Virtual Freijo.


Conversation: Jesús Ubera (photographer) and Ramón Mateos (curator) | PHotoESPAÑA 2020

August 28, 2020

PHotoESPAÑA and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), with the collaboration of the Spanish Cultural Center in Lima, are launching an online program the aim of promoting knowledge of the art market, galleries and authors participating in the Off Festival 2020. The conversation between...


"Art can be a control mechanism" | Interview with Mateo Maté

August 26, 2020

Rafael Mateu de Ros has conducted an interview with the conceptual artist Mateo Maté. "As an artist I think I have to keep myself in a constant state of doubt and suspicion and investigate, give my opinion and generate aesthetic and poetic tensions. To create many and divergent ways of seeing and describing the world. We...


Interview with David Beltrán in Rialta magazine about his exhibition "Archaeology of Color", which will be on view at Freijo Gallery until August 27th

August 25, 2020

David Beltrán has been interviewed by Ángel Pérez, from Rialta magazine, in relation with his exhibition Archaeology of Color, which can be visited by appointment until August 27 at Freijo Gallery. "The work, understood as a process, begins in traditional easel painting, transitions to the medium of photography, in this...


...I would encourage you to explore the "critical utopias" of Concha Jerez, a conceptual artist who is an example of critical courage. | Fernando Castro

July 27, 2020

PERIFERIAS magazine interviewed Fernando Castro about art, its industry and its current controversies.


Javier Díaz-Guardiola interviews Concha Jerez | ABC Cultural

July 24, 2020

Javier Díaz-Guardiola interviews our artist Concha Jerez on the occasion of her anthological exhibition at the MNCARS, entitled Que nos roban la Memoria, the opening of which will take place on July 28. 


Trans/aural | Virtual session on sound art with José Iges

July 22, 2020

On Saturday, July 25, a virtual session on sound art will take place at 11.00 pm (CEST), with the participation of José Iges, Camila Juarez, Manuel Rocha Iturbide and Nicolás Varchausky, moderated by Mene Savasta. This meeting is organized by UNTREF, the National University of Tres de Febrero in Buenos Aires,...


Paco de Blas interviews Fernando Castro Flórez in ArteInformado

July 15, 2020

I've analyzed the list of honorees and that list is a drama. It also falls within a series of measures taken to ensure that art doesn't disappear after the pandemic and that what was no longer of interest to almost anyone is recovered, and you realise that it's done in such a tortious and badly organised way, including...


Art galleries respond to the coronavirus crisis : El País newspaper

July 14, 2020

Last Saturday the newspaper El País published an article focused on the responses of art galleries to the coronavirus crisis. "Madrid's Freijo has created a parallel virtual gallery which, as its director Angus Freijo indicates, will focus on digital art 'to give more visibility to more artists' work'."


ÁNGELA BONADIES participates in the virtual exhibition "De confines y confinamientos" | Cuenca Biennial Foundation

June 27, 2020

Eleven women artists with great careers in contemporary art are part of this exhibition in times of pandemic, a necessary curatorial exercise, which reflects on the confinement through the tangible and intangible, the everyday and the symbolic.It is focused on resistance and creation in this current complex environment....


Tomorrow, June 27th, the opening of Glenda Zapata's exhibition "PANIC" will take place | LZ46

June 26, 2020

Just as our previous opening, this one will also be organized in small groups, by appointment, from 12.00 to 8.00 pm ( / 91 310 30 70). PANIC is a new project by Bolivian artist Glenda Zapata, for which the artist has had numerous meetings with different women of Bolivian origin, residents of the...


ONE HUNDRED, by José Iges, wins 2nd prize in the 60 sec Radio competition

June 17, 2020

The work ONE HUNDRED, by José Iges, has won the Second Prize in the 60 sec Radio competition. "It arises from a gesture of writing repeated a hundred times on a computer document: the word One. After the last one I added Hundred. When I printed the result I realized that one hundred times one is something that can easily...


Article by the artist Miguel Ángel García for the National Museum of Anthropology

June 15, 2020

The National Museum of Anthropology publishes an article by the artist Miguel Ángel García on the challenge and consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.To illustrate the section 'Anthropology for critical moments' they have chosen the image of his work The Encounter 1, which is included in Freijo Gallery's virtual...


Freijo Gallery in Channel 22 Mexico

June 3, 2020

Channel 22 in Mexico has broadcasted the interview with the director of Freijo Gallery, Angustias Freijo. In it, she talks about the celebration of the gallery's 10th anniversary, the new measures adopted in the gallery since its reopening after the lockdown and the new virtual program she has launched, which opened with...


Zoom meeting and interview with Angus Freijo, Mario Cader-Frech, Joaquín Gallego and Alberto Olé

May 30, 2020

On May 27th an online meeting of the Visual Arts sector took place via Zoom, organized by Carol Solar, visual artist.The director of Freijo Gallery, Angus Freijo, took part in the collectors' special edition, together with Mario Cader-Frech, co-founder of Y.ES Contemporary, Joaquín Gallego, specialist in Contemporary Art...


Interview of Carlos Pazos about his exhibition "Interrogantes suspendidos" at ADN Gallery, Barcelona

May 29, 2020

The exhibition of Carlos Pazos Interrogantes suspendidos at ADN gallery was confined the day after its opening and now you can see this magnificent show again. In the midst of the explosion of pop culture, the French May, the hippy movement and psychedelia, in contrast with the agonizing Franco dictatorship, Pazos...


MNCARS | Online documentary of Elena Asins

May 28, 2020

Until June 7, you can watch the documentary There Is Nothing to Understand Here. A documentary on Elena Asins free on the MNCARS Vimeo channel.At Freijo Gallery, we have extended Elena Asins' exhibition, Horizons, until June 10.


Galería Freijo at Digital ART PARIS | ARTSY

May 27, 2020

Following the French government’s announcement banning all public gatherings until mid-July, Art Paris 2020, the leading modern and contemporary art spring event, will be moving online with the launch of two initiatives: Art Paris Digital by Artsy and Art Paris Live. Art Paris is pleased to announce an evolution in its...