Review of Marcelo Brodsky's exhibition "1968: The Fire of Ideas" by theorist Luis Francisco Pérez

November 30, 2021

Theorist Luis Francisco Perez posted on November 27th, 2021 on Facebook a review of Marcelo Brodsky's exhibition 1968: The Fire of Ideas at Freijo Gallery. "In the current exhibition, titled "1968: The Fire of Ideas", private memory has disappeared in favor of shared plural memory, although personal memory (lowercase...


Poem book "Alfabeto de sombras (Música líquida)" by Bartolomé Ferrando

November 23, 2021

The Cultural Association L.U.P.I. La Única Puerta a la Izquierda has published the new collection of poems by Bartolomé Ferrando, entitled Alfabeto de sombras (Música líquida). In the words of Antonio Gómez, it is a risky and audacious collection of poems. It is an open window to the present, a whole adventure in which...


Raquel Manchado at the Cineteca of Matadero Madrid | Rizoma Festival

November 20, 2021

On November 26th at 9.00 pm, the event ShowandTell: VIOLENCIAS IRL (in real life) will take place at the Cineteca of Matadero Madrid, on the occasion of the Rizoma Festival. RIZOMA opens a space in its program to show and denounce violence "in real life". Eight invited artists and collectives, from disciplines such as...


Marcelo Brodsky at the Tokyo Institute of Photography

November 18, 2021

As of December 1st, 2021, Marcelo Brodsky's exhibition Stand for Democracy in Myanmar will be on view at the Tokyo Institute of Photography.


Marisa González | Symposium "Xerography: Women Artists, 1965–1990" in Paris

November 17, 2021

Marisa González will participate in the symposium "Xerography: Women Artists, 1965-1990", which will take place on November 18th and November 19th from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm at the Institut National d'Historie de l'Art in Paris.This two-day symposium, held at the INHA in Paris, offers a state-of-the-field reflection on...


Opening | Marisa González's media façade at the C3A in Córdoba

November 11, 2021

Today, Thursday, November 11th, at 8.00 p.m., the opening of the project for the media façade by Marisa González, entitled Light Till Life Ends, will take place at the C3A Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía in Córdoba. It will be open until February 28th, 2022. Light Till Life Ends (2021), the visual is a...


Opening of the Sound Installation by Concha Jerez | Parque La Libertad, Asturias

November 5, 2021

The opening of the Sound Installation Paisaje de Poetas / Paisaxe de Poetes [Landscape of Poets], by the artist Concha Jerez, will take place on Sunday, November 7th at 12.00 noon, at the Parque La Libertad in Piedras Blancas (Castrillón, Asturias), where it will be permanently on view from that date onwards. On the...


Traces of Violence: The German Empire in Southern Africa | Marcelo Brodsky in Berlin

November 3, 2021

The exhibition "Traces of Violence: The German Empire in Southern Africa", of the artists Marcelo Brodsky and Hildegard Titus, opened yesterday at the ARTCO gallery in Berlin and will remain open to the public until December 11th.In addition, on Friday, November 19th, between 6:30 and 7:15 p.m., a panel discussion will...


Tribute to the Mexican film, television and theater actress Pilar Pellicer | Mexican Cultural Institute in Spain

November 2, 2021

Tomorrow, November 3rd, at 7.00 p.m., a tribute to Mexican film, television and theater actress Pilar Pellicer, a close person to Freijo Gallery and dear friend, will be held at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Spain.This actress, who passed away in 2020, starred in emblematic films such as "La Choca", "Cadena Perpetua"...


CA2M Dialect | Opening

October 21, 2021

Tomorrow, October 22nd the opening of the exhibition CA2M Dialect will take place at the Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo, which will be open to the public until January 9th 2022. More than 400 works by 250 artists in an exhibition that installs for the first time the CA2M collections occupying all the spaces of the CA2M. Among...


Elena Asins in the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao | Women in Abstraction

October 19, 2021

On October 22nd, the opening of the exhibition Women in Abstraction will take place. It is an exhibition organized by the Centre Pompidou, París, in collaboration with the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. It was conceived by Christine Marcel, Chief Curator at the Centre Pompidou, and Karolina Lewandowska, Director of the Museum...


Art Wednesday October 20th, with Angustias Freijo, Freijo Gallery director

October 16, 2021

On the occasion of Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend, there will be a talk via Zoom with gallerists Adora Calvo from Adora Calvo Gallery, Angustias Freijo from Freijo Gallery, Pati Lara from The Ryder and Álvaro Alcázar from Álvaro Alcazar Gallery. Together with Elisa Hernando, CEO RedCollectors, there will be a 3D tour of...


Article in Artelogie about "Archaeology of Color", solo exhibition by David Beltrán

October 15, 2021

Suset Sánchez Sánchez has written an article, published in Artelogie, dedicated to David Beltrán's solo exhibition Archaeology of Color, which took place at Freijo Gallery between June and August 2020. "David Beltrán's latest solo exhibition at Freijo Gallery in Madrid has become an exceptional poetic compendium that...


Performance "Las Cosas" by Los Torreznos | Teatro del Barrio

October 7, 2021

On October 15th, 16th and 17th Los Torreznos present their latest performance piece, LAS COSAS, at the Teatro del Barrio in Madrid.After their last exhibition at Freijo Gallery, Words and Things ["The Order of Things"], the artist duo have continued to investigate this broad theme, giving shape to this new performative...


Encounter with Concha Jerez and José Iges | Constelaciones | Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Madrid

October 5, 2021

On Thursday, October 7th at 7.30 pm, the fourth session of Constelaciones, a cycle of interviews with contemporary Spanish artists, will take place. On this occasion, Zara Fernández Moya will interview two artists who, in addition to their individual work, develop artistic projects together, characterised by an...


Concha Jerez in the art magazine Tendencias del Mercado del Arte

October 2, 2021

The magazine Tendencias del Mercado del Arte dedicates an article to a work by Concha Jerez, currently included in her solo exhibition at Freijo Gallery, Measurements of Time. This article revolves around her installation entitled Our Memory is Being Stolen (2002). In the artist's own words, Our Memory is Being Stolen...


Book Night at Freijo Gallery | Presentation of the artist's book by Ramón Mateos

September 29, 2021

On October 1st at 6.00 pm at Freijo Gallery, on the occasion of Book Night, we present for the first time Ramón Mateos' artist's book, Ockham's Razor, in leporello format. It is an artist's book, published in 2021, based on the exhibition which, under the same title, took place at Freijo Gallery in 2019. It includes...


Marcelo Brodsky in Bristol Photo Festival: Island Life – Photographs from the Martin Parr Foundation

September 25, 2021

Marcelo Brodsky's work is included in the exhibition Island Life, which will be on view at the Bristol Museum until October 31st. It presents work from over 60 photographers in Martin Parr’s collection to provide a picture of life in post-war Britain and Ireland.Widely known for his documentary photography, Martin Parr...


José Iges and Mateo Maté in "DERIVACIONES 4" | Centro de Holografía y Artes Dados Negros

September 24, 2021

On Saturday, October 2nd, from 12.00 to 20.30, the opening of the project Derivaciones 4 will take place at the Centro de Holografía y Artes Dados Negros.This project includes works by our artists José Iges and Mateo Maté, among others. Once again, in Dados Negros, experimental poetry, where there are probably no limits...


Los Torreznos at the Museo de la Evolución Humana de Burgos | EL ARTE

September 22, 2021

Next Saturday, September 25th, at 8.15 pm at the Museo de la Evolución Humana de Burgos, Los Torreznos present their performance piece, entitled EL ARTE, in which they develop communicative solutions that work in relation with everyday life. According to the artists themselves, with this work "we don't intend to tell our...