Roberto Fernández Balbuena
Roberto Fernández Balbuena
Roberto Fernández Balbuena

Roberto Fernández Balbuena

Born 1891 in Madrid (Spain) and died 1966 in Mexico.
He held several official posts in Spain in connection with his dual artistic roles as a painter and an architect, both before the outbreak of the civil war and later when he was living in exile.
In 1914 he awarded th Grand Prix in Roma (Italy) of architecture.
He participated in Autum Salons of Madrid (Spain) and  he was awarded in 1925 and 1926.
In 1931 recived Medal in the National competition, Duque de Medinaceli Prize.
In 1934 he was invitated in the Venice Biennail.
He was vice president of Prado Museum in 1936.
Curator of Spain in the World Expo in New York, USA.
Cultural attaché of the Embassy of Spain in Sweden, in 1938.
In the exile, in Mexico, in the lates 40's, with Hasselblad camera, Balbuena made photos together with Juan Rulfo landscapes and mexicans costumes. This works exhibited for the first time in Freijo Gallery, Madrid Spain. 

2011 "Historical Emulsions. Roberto Fernandez Balbuena" in Freijo Gallery, Madrid (Spain)


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